Paperlit Certified Program for Agencies
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Become a Paperlit Certified agency and
create professional content-based apps for your clients

The Paperlit Certified Program for Agencies (PCPA)

Revolutionize your app business

We understand that agencies need to stay on the front-line of mobile app innovation while balancing internal costs.

By joining the PCPA, communication and design agencies can create custom content-based apps according to any client budget while ensuring first-class service and optimizing resource expenditures - the biggest cost for any digital publishing project!

Stay Up-to-Date

As a market leader we continually release new features and functionality to produce state-of-the-art apps your clients will love.

Be Competitive

Stop losing client projects and produce made-to-measure, cross-platform content apps for every budget.

Generate New Business

Attract new clients and expand exisisting business with competitive digital publishing services

Get Started Immediately

Know Adobe InDesign?
Then you can start creating engaging apps yesterday thanks to full compatibility with industry-standard formats.

Reduce Production Costs

Custom development is expensive.
Save precious resources while scaling internal production capabilities and drive larger profits.

A Commited Partner

From workshops to co-marketing support, partnering with Paperlit will help you create added-value for our mutual clients.

Flexible yet powerful

Publish simple or enriched PDF replicas with an easy to use multimedia editor or create immersive digital reflows thanks to full Adobe InDesign and HTML compatibility.

Plus, with the exclusive “Paperlit Live” feature, keep readers engaged with news and updates from exclusive RSS feeds.


Paperlit Certified Agencies

As a full-service digital marketing agency, eLsqrd Media Group works with businesses on Wordpress development, social media marketing and content based, business applications, published thanks to the Paperlit platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a big-time brand catering to millions of customers, eLsqrd Media Group helps you with the necessary processes to grow your business.

Yol Digital provides businesses with reliable scalable solutions and tools for the distribution and monetisation of media content. With over 30 years of accumulated experience in the European and Turkish markets, Yol Digital can offer a unique perspective.

Headquartered in Istanbul Turkey with regional offices in London.

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