The NY-based Magazine for Opera enthusiasts is a long time Paperlit Customer

The largest-circulation classical-music magazine in North America at one’s fingertips


For the New-York based magazine, Opera News, there have been several challenges that they have had to face that are all too frequent and well-known among the publishing community. Although Opera News is the largest classical music magazine in North America, it still had to face the significant issue of figuring out how to help opera enthusiasts stay in touch with their favourite shows and keep up-to-date.


The client
American music magazine
The solution
Digital replica
The result
Attraction of new readers and fully inclusive reading solution

Enhanced digital replica was the perfect solution to Opera News’ challenges. It is basically when an exact copy of the print magazine or the PDFs is digitised to create the digital magazine without any unnecessary extras. Everything follows a similar flow to that of the print magazine as the ads, layout and content are pretty much the same. It’s really the perfect way to combine the old with the new so that readers, loyal and new, can feel satisfied and inspired by its content and presentation. 


Thanks to digital replica, a whole new world of possibility opened up to opera enthusiasts out there. Opera News will never truly be the same again. The old school subscribers (in other words, the print magazine fans) are, at long last, able to enjoy their favourite magazine on the go. Now, not only does this make things a whole lot easier than carrying around a paper copy, but it also allows readers to view more interactive content. And the magazine itself welcomes a whole new audience and readership as millennials can now discover it via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Attract New Readers

Creating this digital magazine opens the doors to a whole new readership and attracting them couldn’t be simpler as it offers the opportunity to flaunt the features of the magazine. For example, the ‘preview; and ‘table of contents’ features are there to tease new readers.


Spoil Loyal Readers

Venturing into the digital stratosphere, Opera News doesn’t forget about print subscribers. After all, they are the ones that have made it possible to come that far. So, they ensured that loyal print fans are spoiled with a fully inclusive reading solution even in digital.


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