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Forbes Brazil picks Paperlit to deliver its multi-channel application


The magazine publishing stratosphere is one where challenges are all too common and this is particularly the case when it comes to entering the digital universe. Forbes magazine is internationally renowned for their business prowess, and when they expanded into a Brazilian edition, they knew they had no other choice but to bring in the best to help make this vision a reality. Forbes Brazil needed some essential customisations that Paperlit made available to other clients too.



The client
Brasilian business magazine
The solution 
Native app with enhanced digital replica + Paperlit Live feature 
The result
All content in on hub and real time news

To magazine publishers, it’s usually important that the character and personality of their magazine are kept alive and built on and of course, the big question is: how can one do this? Well, the answer is pretty simple: with enhanced digital replica and the Paperlit Live Feature. Digital replica is the digitisation of the print magazine or the PDF documents without any added features. The key elements of the magazine (the ads, the layout and the content) remain the same. Incorporating the Paperlit Live Feature adds an interactive element that readers will love.


Forbes teamed up with Paperlit to take Brazil by storm with a captivating digital magazine that keeps their readers updated at all the time. Paperlit created and delivered a solution to help Forbes launch the best magazine possible. This magazine was destined to succeed in the Brazilian digital publishing world and to wow Brazilian readers. A range of different customisations was put to the test to see which ones best suited the needs of this digital magazine and they were carefully selected to ensure that content was more engaging than ever.  

One hub

Forbes Brazil has offered its customers something quite unique as it has given them the opportunity to view the latest financial news in one single hub. This means that readers who are on the go and are juggling travelling and working can still keep up-to-date with the latest news!


Real-time news

Now, with this one hub comes an added benefit and that is that everything can be updated in real time and any breaking news can come through directly to the digital edition which the customers hold. We live in a truly digital era; the key is keeping up.


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