Local news with the right channel. 

The popular Swiss newspaper can offer their readers advanced features thanks to the Paperlit multi-channel app


In a world where pretty much all the news and gossip is shared over social media, it’s important that newspapers attempt to keep up to ensure that they don’t become obsolete. Now, that is the problem that Anzeiger Von Saanen had. They wanted to be able to share live news and keep their community up to date quickly and easily. But in a world, where everyone is trying to be the fastest and the best, how can one compete?


The client
Swiss newspaper
The solution
Native app with enhanced digital replica + Paperlit Live feature
The result
All content in a single hub an monetisation of digital ads

Well, this is where native apps come in. Native apps are software programs that are developed to be used on a particular platform or device. They can provide optimised performance and take advantage of the latest technology such as GPS compared to web apps or mobile cloud apps that are developed to be generic across multiple systems. Now, pair this with the enhanced digital replica and the incorporation of Paperlit Live and it’s no wonder that success was destined for Anzeiger Von Saanen. 


Anzeiger Von Saanen managed to create a news app that was enriched with multiple feeds and social channels that really attract readers and give them the best experience possible. The added benefit is that, not only do readers have the opportunity to take advantage of the interactive features, they can also read the newspaper in the very same place!

A Single Hub

Having this news app for Anzeiger Von Saanen readers is a huge advantage as it allows them an opportunity to view everything in one single hub. Readers can receive the latest information and news in the touch of a button and get informed instantaneously.


New ads become new channels

Another advantage is that print advertisements can be converted to digital and are made available in new channels within the app. Anzeiger Von Saanen has taken advantage of this and can offer viewers an opportunity to view ads that could be of interest to them.


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