A UK-based Trade Union leverages the power of Apps. 

An important UK trade union uses Paperlit to bring all their digital channels together for their members


Prospect Union faced a challenge that many come across, and that is how to integrate everything that the customer needs into one place that is easily accessible and easy to use. Now, that is where the idea for a “hub” app appeared. This so-called “hub” app would bring all of the digital channels together into one accessible location for their members. It needed to incorporate everything from news to magazines to video and of course, social media platforms. But what kind of app could give the members of the Prospect Union what they wanted?



The client
UK trade union
The solution
Native app with enhanced digital replica + Papelit Live feature 
The result
Brand exposure and members' engagement

The answer is in native apps. Not only are native apps considered to be the most reliable compared to hybrid and web apps, but they are also developed for a specific mobile platform using particular programming languages and technologies meaning that they have many interesting features built-in. So, we have the app; now it’s time to add the content through enhanced digital replica and incorporate something extra with Paperlit Live. Paperlit Live is a new feature that enables publishers to add exclusive content to their apps such as live feeds, content from websites, videos and social challenges.


Thanks to this innovative app creation, members of the Prospect Union are now able to view and access all of the necessary information in one place with little effort on their part. The app is clear and offers its viewers all of the information they could possibly need in one easy to access package. Now, it couldn’t be easier for these members to keep up to date with all things Union related! The app effortlessly combines the digital replica with the Paperlit live feed that transforms the app into something really special for the readers and creators alike.

Brand exposure and members engagement

Prospect Union has seen an increase in member engagement that can only be brought about by keeping up with the times and the latest technological developments. They are also experiencing an increase in brand exposure as they make their way in the world of apps.


Reflow version on smartphone

Prospect Union have opted to invest in a reflow version of the native app for smartphones. Designed so that the text, images and other interactive elements can be enlarged to fit comfortably onto the screen, this reflow version is bound to bring with it a whole new wave of success!


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